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You go into the bathroom to wash your hands and face until you see Ms. Peachbottom flirting at you. "Well, Howdy do little man. There's nothing like a big dump to purify lil' old Chickadee," she said to you in a sexy voice, "Are you here for a little fun? Well darn tootin', why not look at Peachbottom's big bottom." You go look at Peachbottom's ass as she points to her cutie mark. "So, are you enjoying my well stuffed chicken tenders?" she asked you as she rubbed her booty with her left hoof. Peachbottom then let out a very big fart followed by a big log of poop. "Hot-diggety-dawg! There's a big one right there!" she chuckled as her butt let out another juicy fart with some liquid poop.


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Background Pony #9444
I mean no disrespect, I was a terrible artist at one point too. But are you sure you don't wanna practice some more before you start putting it on the internet like this?