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I made a pic of fat Dashie squishing her (lovely) big belly >>2212281
So… why wouldn't it be Sunset's turn? Looks like she ate too much and gain a lot of weight too. X3

PS: I have currently no ideas for stories or dialogues. But, this picture works for every kind of weight story. So, @James A Williams or anyone else, if you have any idea for this pic, post it in comments. 3

(MAYBE, I'll make alternate clothes versions)

No belly grab version : Coming soon
Rainbow : >>2212281
Starlight Glimmer : Coming soon
Luna : Coming soon
(MAYBE) Rarity : Coming soon
safe1689827 artist:steampunk-brony67 sunset shimmer62299 equestria girls198015 adorafatty333 bbw4290 belly27971 belly button76512 belly grab202 big belly11003 big breasts80576 breasts273581 busty sunset shimmer5362 clothes453469 cute197393 fat21872 female1347750 high res26848 implied weight gain146 need to go on a diet91 need to lose weight98 obese11425 shimmerbetes4333 show accurate14347 slobset shimmer230 solo1052772 squishy2517 squishy belly30 vector76201 wake up!: rainbow dash188 weight gain4198


not provided yet


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Background Pony #BEB5
Sunset Shimmer thinking (Should I go on a Diet & Deflate this Belly or Continue eating till I’m the size of a Blimp.)