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Inspired by: >>2218398 (description):
Ocellus: Changeling wings are quite fragile but they can repair themselves very quickly! We’d still prefer not to damage them to begin with though.

Please forgive me, Ocellus.

Note: Sometimes I get inspiration for what to draw in odd places. Sometimes what I draw builds off of something I had drawn previously. Sometimes what I draw is something completely random with no backstory whatsoever. This is one of those times where, 1, I experiment with my art style even further, and 2, there isn't really any preset backstory apart from inspiration.
safe1557900 artist:gd_inuk92 ocellus4399 changedling7136 changeling39192 bed35608 book30201 descriptive noise1369 female882065 heart monitor25 hospital bed351 hospital gown156 hospital room18 injured3071 injured wing96 lamp2227 looking at you141016 ocellus is not amused56 pillow15086 post-it82 solo961279 unamused13399 wings72501


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Perhaps there's a caloric energy requirement, or maybe damage to them is transferred to their base form?
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If a changeling with an injured wing turns into another creature with wings, will it still have an injured wing?

Since the changeling transformation is essentially a full atomic-level reconfiguration of matter, wouldn't it fix any and all injuries because you can simply reconfigure your broken body parts to not be broken anymore?

(This would make changelings the most dangerous enemy in battle. They could regenerate from any injury that isn't instantly lethal.)