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A stallion is all ready to go on a date with his girlfriend.
safe1586001 artist:cheezedoodle96806 artist:fercho26227 frazzle rock113 gizmo174 earth pony202848 pony853553 canterlot boutique896 .svg available7501 acne110 bowtie8681 bucktooth541 clothes413150 dress39876 eyes closed81043 facial hair5055 female908817 gizzle4 glasses55364 hoof on chest464 male308657 moustache2805 shipping185222 simple background348477 smiling217723 stallion93928 straight122534 svg3183 transparent background180487 vector71478


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Background Pony #A232
Like Big Mac, or Doctor Whooves; not that horrible ugly freak!!!
Even she's a geek she's cute, she have beauty, charm, class, real culture ansd a lot of sensibility; he's just the tipical stereotype of the disgusting nerd filth, ugly, pimply, supis, coward and loser