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3-dimensional villain turned badass heroine > bland evil queen who laughs evily because she's evil
safe1602060 artist:aleximusprime1382 artist:mixermike6221507 edit121835 queen chrysalis33109 starlight glimmer45179 changeling42178 changeling queen13425 pony870562 unicorn279675 marks for effort1073 :i1456 a better ending for chrysalis96 adorkable3286 alternate universe9725 canon143 change my mind126 coffee mug1143 crossing the memes593 cute183919 cutealis2079 debate in the comments229 discussion in the comments696 dork3537 dorkalis170 excited2690 faic11565 fanon105 female1274432 floppy ears47224 friendship1132 giggling770 grin34055 happy28461 i mean i see456 implied chrysipuff7 implied fluffle puff11 looking at you150016 magic67543 mare433545 meme79306 meta16155 mouthpiece1223 mug3787 opinion310 redemption103 reformed271 silly7041 silly pony2864 smiling221459 spread wings49062 squee1923 standing10727 steven crowder32 telekinesis25217 tree28744 when she smiles969 wide eyes16234 wings84679


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Background Pony #4538
I'm imagining that this is Starlight's actual thoughts about what happened to Chrysalis

Hmmm… I'll say it handled her Differently, but not better or worse.

I've read Chrysie's continued refusal of Friendship as her thinking her Hive betrayed her after her doing everything she could think of to provide for them.

It's a sad tale really, when you think of it.

What are you talking about? Fluffle Chrys was OOC as fuck.
It didn't handle her character better, it just tossed out what was there and put a new character in wearing a Chrysalis shaped suit.
Background Pony #D72E
Literally what have you done? Nothing screams elegant about your posts either.

You launched plenty of insults at others ultimately for their differing opinions, you could've been the better one and not done that, but you sunk down to our level, so quit trying to act like you're better. You're not.

Anyways I'm done reading and replying. Have the last post.

World's Smallest Violin
@Background Pony #BA1B
See the beauty of it is that so far you guys have done nothing but post terrible one liners that are direct insults at me or just repeating why I throw at you and for what?

Because I had an opinion that the fandom's fanons aren't better than the the canon.

So when you guys can stop acting petty and butthurt (because why else would you feel the need to insult me out the blue like that) and give actual responses worth discussion maybe you'll give me a reason to stop acting "holier than thou".
Background Pony #D72E
Ah. Another "no u".

I love people who believe they're holier than thou, thinking their actions aren't immature, but those who do the exact same thing are. You're fine with telling others to grow up, but if someone does it to you, just dismiss it as a "no u".