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source needed13102 safe1557161 artist:candyclumsy536 artist:multi-commer23 apple bloom46214 diamond tiara9592 ocellus4397 scootaloo48858 silver spoon6178 silverstream5171 smolder6435 sweetie belle46302 yona4365 oc595216 oc:queen aurora port2 changeling39162 dragon46690 earth pony191492 hybrid14768 original species22745 pegasus233067 pony828335 unicorn258430 yak3756 yakony71 comic:the great big fusion 38 apple14426 apple tree2678 clubhouse695 collapse25 comic100209 confused4064 crusaders clubhouse660 cutie mark crusaders17539 dialogue58957 dragoness6492 female881409 food59490 fusion4337 fusion:queen aurora port2 hug25101 magic64634 merge212 potion1760 shy3426 tree26919 treehouse177


not provided yet


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Background Pony #78EC
I wonder if empress eternal party and empress Solar blaze will appear at the final page ?