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1000 years into the future
safe1919182 artist:underpable885 cozy glow8604 lord tirek5768 queen chrysalis38343 centaur4048 changeling56543 changeling queen20425 pegasus382613 abs13391 bad end2541 black and white14977 bruh95 cane731 cutie mark51946 dancing9572 dancing over grave2 dude24 even evil has standards20 evil grin5294 female1554560 filly80914 former queen chrysalis333 future593 good end620 grave644 grave dancing9 gravestone1003 grayscale42865 grin50027 happy36847 hat104094 high res81068 implied death3013 implied fluttershy759 implied pinkie pie876 implied twilight sparkle2192 male441729 monochrome161156 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency514 pure unfiltered evil1865 shocked8538 smiling315393 this will end in haunting1 this will not end well2053 tombstones61 topless15393 trio14905


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Background Pony #9802
Chrysalis: You think they’ll haunt us for that?  
Tirek: Absolutely. Where not that cruel, Cozy.
Background Pony #75CB
Cozy Glow: I killed the Main Six wicked cackle Did you see that! I killed everyon-
Then, “CRUCIO!!!”