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Inktober Day 18 — Titsie meeting fully developed Slutset
explicit317128 artist:annon2075 sunset shimmer57499 trixie62038 human141900 aroused856 belly button67400 bellyring1314 big breasts68319 big lips554 bimbo4003 bimbo 2.0293 bimbo shimmer95 bimbo trixie82 bracelet7878 breasts239184 busty trixie3511 choker9220 clothes408415 dialogue60510 female897752 fishnets4579 grayscale36208 hair accessory265 hat76492 huge breasts31887 huge hair60 humanized94008 impossibly large breasts14342 inktober1666 inktober 2019424 jewelry50769 magician outfit477 monochrome147759 necklace15211 nipples142918 nudity333231 offscreen character29364 panties46047 piercing34803 shadow3609 slutset shimmer184 solo971897 solo female168333 speech bubble20519 stockings28600 stomach piercing29 sweat22923 thigh highs28302 thighs8181 thong5526 top hat3734 underwear55133 useless clothing679 vaginal secretions36193 vulva111722


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7 comments posted
Background Pony #15D4
I have three comments I would like to make about this piece of art:

1. I hope this gets continued on a future artwork

2. I love Titsie's expression here, it's a delightful mix of "scared" and "aroused"

3. Sluset's lines came out a bit "bitchy" IMO, not in the sense of "slutty", but in the sense of "snappy" or "angry". And honestly I hope it's just me and not Sluset being mad at her… Whatever Titsie is to her.