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safe1554935 screencap195123 applejack157207 bon bon15476 bulk biceps3200 captain planet642 derpy hooves47912 flash sentry11962 fluttershy195715 gaea everfree562 gloriosa daisy1759 octavia melody22061 pinkie pie201333 princess celestia88999 princess luna93092 rainbow dash217154 rarity167867 sandalwood1005 snails5123 snips3982 sweetie drops15476 trixie61127 valhallen498 equestria girls177264 legend of everfree7365 background human6055 brambles13 cabin134 camp everfree249 forest8616 gazebo73 humane five2679 magic64474 mountain4320 plant2229 plant magic4 principal celestia3117 scenery7077 vice principal luna2193 vine1118


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Summoning forth ANYTHING in drab earth tones instead of bright technicolor should be your sign that perhaps you've gone off the deep end and should reel it back in before you get a facefull of orbital friendship laser.