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Here’s My Full Cast Of My New Upcoming Animated Series With Blaze The Cat, Totodile, Twilight Sparkle And Their Friends And Allies. I Used The Treehouse Of Friendship As A Background For This Group Photo.

Hope You Enjoy

Blaze The Cat Created By SEGA

Totodile Created By Nintendo

Twilight Sparkle And Friends Created By Hasbro

Blaze, Totodile And Twilight Created By Me

Vectors Made By Everyone
safe1637238 autumn blaze3578 capper dapperpaws1499 captain celaeno1090 discord29711 gabby2240 gallus6330 garble1717 gilda9322 grampa gruff286 ocellus4971 prince rutherford727 princess ember6108 sandbar5167 seaspray164 silverstream5776 smolder7361 spike76577 tempest shadow16328 thorax4128 twilight sparkle291460 yona4819 abyssinian1152 alicorn210596 changedling7813 changeling43988 classical hippogriff4697 draconequus10134 dragon52008 earth pony223151 griffon25549 hippogriff8976 pony902547 totodile37 yak4323 anthro245178 my little pony: the movie18466 anthro with ponies2464 beauty mark1087 blaze the cat221 bow26490 cartoon network348 cloven hooves9357 colored hooves5210 crossover59950 dragoness7435 ear piercing23906 earring19501 female1303149 fez540 general seaspray14 hair bow14454 hat81607 jewelry56993 king thorax2739 male350363 monkey swings1270 necklace16856 piercing37975 pirate hat532 pokémon8813 sonic the hedgehog (series)7330 teenager4424 treehouse of harmony148 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119825 upcoming14 wall of tags2802


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