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Here’s My Full Cast Of My New Upcoming Animated Series With Blaze The Cat, Totodile, Twilight Sparkle And Their Friends And Allies. I Used The Treehouse Of Friendship As A Background For This Group Photo.

Hope You Enjoy

Blaze The Cat Created By SEGA

Totodile Created By Nintendo

Twilight Sparkle And Friends Created By Hasbro

Blaze, Totodile And Twilight Created By Me

Vectors Made By Everyone
safe1557677 autumn blaze3202 capper dapperpaws1432 captain celaeno1030 discord28449 gabby2129 gallus5639 garble1596 gilda9042 grampa gruff256 ocellus4400 prince rutherford674 princess ember5713 sandbar4550 seaspray152 silverstream5172 smolder6448 spike74273 tempest shadow15144 thorax3946 twilight sparkle280093 yona4367 abyssinian1093 alicorn191485 anthro226436 changedling7134 changeling39186 classical hippogriff4367 draconequus8629 dragon46716 earth pony191629 griffon24485 hippogriff8124 pony828807 totodile33 yak3758 my little pony: the movie17542 anthro with ponies2151 beauty mark1007 blaze the cat214 bow23649 cartoon network319 cloven hooves8732 colored hooves4577 crossover56446 dragoness6496 ear piercing20975 earring17443 female881863 fez518 general seaspray13 hair bow12943 hat75226 jewelry49296 king thorax2569 male299671 monkey swings1181 necklace14816 piercing34003 pirate hat490 pokémon8369 sonic the hedgehog (series)6990 teenager4231 treehouse of harmony143 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113868 upcoming14 wall of tags2250


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