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My ranking of the Top 100 songs from MLP G4. New set of 5 songs everyday until Dec. 31. Hope you enjoy, Derpi!
safe (1502772) artist:don2602 (119) edit (108133) edited screencap (49859) screencap (187023) adagio dazzle (11551) apple bloom (45177) aria blaze (8888) berry punch (5949) berryshine (5941) cheerilee (9119) cheese sandwich (3457) cherry crash (566) merry may (632) rainbow dash (211739) scootaloo (47973) snowfall frost (679) sonata dusk (12227) starlight glimmer (40806) sweetie belle (45352) earth pony (172999) pegasus (213237) pony (779929) unicorn (234019) a hearth's warming tail (1382) equestria girls (170019) flight to the finish (798) pinkie pride (1421) rainbow rocks (17120) run to break free (144) spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (10867) arms in the air (312) candy (5770) candy cane (2093) cauldron (972) cheese confesses (2) cutie mark crusaders (16930) eyes closed (73782) female (827030) filly (55451) filly cheerilee (7) food (56052) geode of super speed (1645) glasses (50676) hat (70729) hearts strong as horses (12) jester hat (87) let's have a battle (3) magical geodes (6094) marching (64) running (4934) say goodbye to the holiday (2) the dazzlings (3906) top 100 mlp g4 songs (20) wreath (769) younger (14639)


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #BFF6
For song number 53, here are my three parts:
1) Blueberry Cake: When I heard Blueberry Cake's voice in this movie and her voice was really cute. I mean, Eva Tavares really did well on the uncredited role in this film. I should've watched the Phantom Of the Opera at Houston. But, at least I subscribed her YouTube Channel.
2) Cherry Crash: For Cherry Crash's voice, I say it is really impressive. She was voiced by Paula Berry, a soprano.
3) Captain Planet: To not be confused with the Cartoon Network titular character, but in this movie he was voiced by a medical student who graduated from the University of British Columbia, three years ago. I mean, David Mongar has a YouTube Channel.