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Credit for the "Free Bans" shirt design goes to Omi: >>1932044
safe1724543 artist:joey275 oc695972 oc only455164 oc:dawnsong209 earth pony255635 pegasus298820 pony984800 bipedal35239 clothes466233 collar33754 cookie3718 female1379089 flailing463 food71325 frayed hair5 glasses62941 heart49078 looking at you171656 mare489715 open mouth149415 pun7594 shirt25435 show accurate15916 simple background400121 solo1076436 tech support16 text60366 throwing523 transparent background205102 visual pun1702 wide eyes17190


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Just imagine them as a small child, taking a hammer to the cookie jar in a misguided attempt to save their parents from the pain.
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On many mobile browsers clearing cookies is a global thing for every single website, so I could understand some people being upset about having to do that, but if there's an option to do it per-site then that should not be a lot to ask.
Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
I thought it said "have you tried CLEANING your cookies" and I saw literal cookies and I thought this had even more layers of weird.
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I miss the show so much
Fun fact: Derpi is one of the few sites I allow to store cookies in my browser.