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Spike is gonna have so much fun with cupcake tonight.
suggestive127977 edit117623 edited screencap56043 editor:undeadponysoldier1053 screencap199177 applejack158836 cup cake3742 spike74833 dragon48149 earth pony198872 pony845481 spike at your service948 the perfect pear1325 boomerang (tv channel)426 boomerang logo3 bowl1454 cake8878 caption19210 cute177305 female898973 food60809 image macro35698 imminent sex5162 implied anal479 implied foalcon1474 implied sex5343 implied sex in bed2 infidelity5332 male305373 mare415313 pointing3705 pointing at self99 shipping183991 spikabetes1818 spikecake11 straight121649 sugarcube corner1966 text51063


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