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Snowball Fight!

The time is upon us once again for me to return to this little gallery and you people who watch it, and hold to the tradition that I've kept these past seven years. With only Apple Bloom having been featured in a previous installment, I figured it was high time to do something with all three Crusaders. I think this one really benefited from my efforts to be more careful with my edges and values, and refraining from putting a hard outline around every single shape.

This may be the last picture I post this year, or this decade for that matter, but rest assured I am far from done and have no intention of letting another year slip by without posting art. I have plenty of ideas I want to draw (as well as a few old pictures I never got around to posting), and a lot of lost time to make up for.

Anyway, as always, have a very Merry Christmas!

Watercolor on 140 lb. Strathmore watercolor paper. Finished: 12/22/19.
safe1558356 artist:the-wizard-of-art80 apple bloom46224 scootaloo48873 sweetie belle46320 earth pony191829 pegasus233467 pony829368 unicorn258907 chest fluff31679 christmas12002 christmas tree3471 clothes402405 cutie mark crusaders17547 ear fluff22664 earmuffs1063 female882404 filly58527 floppy ears46041 glowing horn16238 hat75263 holiday15692 hoof hold7174 horn40840 looking back48162 magic64730 ponyville4929 running5193 scared9139 scarf20829 smiling211007 snow12421 snowball444 snowball fight276 spread wings46957 sweater13010 telekinesis24194 traditional art107851 tree26949 trio7108 watercolor painting2611 wings72595 winter3940


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Background Pony #BEB4
Well it's not like she couldn't win. After all Sweetie looks about to get dunked on by Bloom. And that snowball looks like it took a while to put together.

I don't think Scoots could quickly fire many Snowballs at once like Sweetie can or make a big one to quickly bury anypony like Bloom can.

Her speed only really helps on wheels, cause she can't fly. I don't see how her little wings could help her here.
Her scooter is nowhere to be seen here, which is ahout the only way she could produce them rooster tails… Do I smell a chicken joke?
I guess she could use those little buzzers to displace some snow real quick, though she probably couldn't aim it well at anything.
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@Background Pony #CCB7

she has yet to get hit with a snowball. she's got speed and agility on her side. enough room to move and she could probably bury those two in a rooster tail.

or you know, depending on your headcanon for scootaloo.
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Banned for voting
Not sure either but again, it's far too vague/general a statement even if true. Depends on their build/how they've trained etc.

Like here's an earth pony.

Here's a pegasus pony

If earth ponies are stronger, you're telling me Applebloom's going to win in a fight? Obviously not. So are we comparing pound to pound? Trained/untrained? There's a lot of variables to consider. The only reason I argued

@Background Pony #7C19
yes but that is because earthponies are much stronger and have more stamina.

Is because it claims "earthponies" are stronger, not "some earth ponies" not "in most cases".

When you argue "all" you have to be demonstrably correct or someone's just going to poke holes in said argument.
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Banned for voting

That's from Season 1, which is old enough to suffer both from Early Installment Weirdness and be overridden by more recent canon.

People need to stop using that as evidence for the "earth ponies aren't strong" argument, or the "pegasi are stronger than earth ponies" argument.

I mean… You're being horribly biased aren't you? You don't accept season 1, when it's based on the actual creator of the characters, Lauren Faust, but you cite later seasons that have a staff that have admitted they don't watch the show and sometimes will skim the wikia just to get the gist of a character…

My evidence is perfectly valid as it just demonstrates that earth ponies aren't always stronger than pegasi in the same way your evidence is valid as it demonstrates earth ponies can be stronger than pegasi (even though I call bs on this scene because there have been times where Aj has had her hoof stuck in a couple rocks during the Timberwolf attack and times that if she had this level of strength from a physics standpoint she'd easily overcome obstacles that she didn't.).

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Artist -

This is really beautiful, the-wizard-of-art :)
Wizard indeed (or more likely a lot of work and learning) with your marvelous use of aquarelle colors. I really love this picture. Both, motive and the way it is done are just really awesome!
Background Pony #3E9C
@Spiritus Arcane
Yeah, without flight capability, pegasai are definitely at a disadvantage in a snowball fight.

Pfft yet there's an Earth Pony about to put a unicorn into the snow.