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Pinkie's weirded out because Twilight never used before a special voice for her Narrator Self. Only NPCs had special voices. And the sound effects.

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safe1552639 artist:dziadek1990368 edit114152 edited screencap53639 screencap194531 amethyst star2243 applejack157052 bon bon15454 candy mane260 cherry cola401 cherry fizzy463 cloud kicker1689 coco crusoe536 derpy hooves47889 fluttershy195551 lyra heartstrings27475 pinkie pie201162 pokey pierce1272 ponet339 rainbow dash216951 rainbowshine762 rarity167718 snails5119 snips3979 sparkler2093 spike74006 starlight glimmer42834 sunshower raindrops2193 sweetie drops15454 trixie60978 twilight sparkle279013 oc592208 oc:merlin55 comic:ponies and d&d24 boast busters1002 comic99596 conversation525 dialogue58618 dungeons and dragons1191 emote story:ponies and d&d89 pen and paper rpg563 ponyville4905 rpg979 screencap comic4076 slice of life1225 text49648


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