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The final shot from Brony Polka Animated, shared in 4K by the animator!
safe (1504677) artist:viva reverie (140) amethyst star (2182) angel bunny (8912) apple bloom (45219) applejack (153861) berry punch (5952) berryshine (5944) bon bon (15137) button mash (3649) carrot top (5035) cheerilee (9132) cheese sandwich (3462) cloudy quartz (1140) derpy hooves (47052) discord (27811) dj pon-3 (27461) fluttershy (191522) golden harvest (5035) igneous rock pie (777) lyra heartstrings (26978) neon lights (764) nightmare moon (15538) octavia melody (21658) photo finish (2457) pinkie pie (196741) pretty vision (47) princess celestia (86857) princess luna (90955) rainbow dash (211947) rarity (163892) rising star (767) shining armor (20982) soigne folio (69) sparkler (2032) stella lashes (67) sweetie belle (45391) sweetie drops (15112) trixie (59395) twilight sparkle (272740) vinyl scratch (31556) oc (568482) oc:abluskittle (7) oc:alex s (12) oc:animatedjames (13) oc:blackgryph0n (77) oc:brock fallon (1) oc:bronydanceparty (45) oc:decibelle (11) oc:eilemonty (120) oc:fluffle puff (2791) oc:forest rain (15) oc:mic the microphone (154) oc:silver line (1) oc:snowdrop (1155) oc:the living tombstone (150) oc:viva reverie (81) oc:wooden toaster (220) alicorn (179900) changeling (36454) draconequus (7613) earth pony (173710) human (137615) monkey (251) pegasus (214035) pony (781532) unicorn (234851) brony polka (16) don't mine at night (133) picture perfect pony (55) 4k (927) alex s. (10) eilemonty (129) ken ashcorp (10) mane six (27842) minecraft (1982) no outline (4) pointy ponies (3038) rina-chan (37) s1 luna (6590) scout (1014) silhouette (2221) the jokermort (10)


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17 comments posted
Background Pony #79C9
This whole music video just completely encapsulates the Brony fandom's works. Or at least the classics. And I keep coming back to it just to remember that amazing feeling from around 2012 when all of this was just exploding. Hell, it exploded twice. I wish I could say that I had hope G5 could be just as inspiring, but…well, I don't think that lightning bolt will strike again. It was a mesmerizing set of circumstances that led to the rise of the Brony fandom, but that wave has largely settled; trying to recapture the feeling of surprise, that adults could enjoy MLP, that there were worthwhile stories to tell that were predominately aimed at girls…it won't happen again because we set a precedent, an expectation.

In other words, I look forward to being surprised in the future.
Background Pony #EB58
Sweetie Belle is the snow princess of the reference is Elsa from Frozen and Frozen 2