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"You know, I'm surprised you wanted me to help you decorate." Rarity said as she waddled down the hallway of Applejack's home, careful not to brush her ample body against anything potentially breakable. "Isn't that usually Pinkie Pie's thing?"

"Yeah, but I just think you're a lot more… Um, what's the word?" Applejack thought for a moment as she waved her chubby hand around, "A lot more artsy. I'm havin' relatives over, and I just wanna make sure everything looks nice."

As they stepped into the kitchen, Rarity couldn't help but feel her mouth start to water as the scent of fresh apple treats struck her senses. Her eyes darted over to the counter, finding a large plate with at least half a dozen apple fritters.

"Want some?" Applejack asked, taking two fritters from the plate. She even didn't bother waiting for an answer from her friend; she already knew. "I also have some cider and hot chocolate if you'd like some." She gestured towards the pots of the stove.

"Well, don't mind if I do." Rarity grinned as she took the treat. "I'm assuming this is supposed for your relatives?"

"That's right." Applejack took out two mugs from the cupboard. "I just wanted to make a small batch so we can get a taste of it. Go ahead and sit where you like."

"Alright. I'll take the chocolate, please." Rarity lumbered herself over to the nearest seat. As much as she appreciated the food and drinks, it felt a little odd that Applejack hadn't invited anyone tonight. It's one thing with the party decorating, but with the taste-testing, too?

"Hold your horses, big girl!" Applejack pulled up a second chair just before Rarity even got the chance to lower her wide rump down onto a single wooden seat. "Ain't takin' any risks while you're around," she smirked as she placed to two chair side-to-side.

"Right. Thank you," Rarity shrugged off her brief lapse of judgement. Being over 600 pounds and counting, she's gotten used to receiving casual and off-handed comments and gestures regarding her girth. It's sort of the new normal at this point. She finally sat herself down, feeling her hefty thighs pour over the sides of the chairs.

Applejack came back once again, holding a cup of cocoa to Rarity and a cup of cider for herself. "Here you go. I threw a few marshmallows in there for you."

Rarity took the mug, feeling quite enamored by the kindness of her friend tonight. With a smile, she held up her cup. "Cheers."

"Ha ha, cheers!"

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Background Pony #224B
@Lupin Quill
That would be fun. My theory, though is that these girls are effectively all doomed. Barring whatever is causing Pinkie to stay perfectly fixed at her current weight, the attempts to lose weight, whether successful as with AJ and Fluttershy, or not as with Twilight and Dash, will all prove futile. With time, all of them will be left as massive blobs…mobility optional.

I'm great and powerful!
These two are fat and happy especially Rarity. I like how casual and relaxed they both are. I'm amazed with how Rarity has grown and just how well it looks on her. I'm picturing her waddling down the hall and she's so cute being careful not to bump anything or anyone, but yet at the same time still has this elegance, style and beauty to her. She's become one big beautiful diamond.

They're just two big cuties. Good work!