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i think you all know what the base is for this image
safe1638063 artist:plunger202 twilight sparkle291584 oc642135 oc:dyx91 oc:filly anon2514 oc:nyx2157 alicorn210833 earth pony223636 pony903743 unicorn294816 /mlp/9293 4chan6655 angry25557 car5801 car ride2 drawthread2307 female1304006 filly62804 meme80198 ponified39472 ponified meme808 text54971 the simpsons1760


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Twilight: If you fillies can't keep your hooves to yourselves, I'm gonna turn this car around, and they'll be no Rainbow Falls for anypony!"

Cozy Glow: unseen, slaps Twilight while flying by

Twilight: That's it! Back to Ponyville!
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I'm still kicking myself for not realizing the Simpsons reference earlier.
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@Background Pony #F4F0
bit more complicated than that. Your comparison would fit Moonie more.

Past Sins was written as an attempt at giving Nightmare Moon a redemption story.
Nyx is NMM reincarnated from a failed spell that brought her back without her full power, resulting in her being a filly and having amnesia, because she wasn't complete.
Nyx was essentially a vessel for Nightmare Moon for the first 10 chapters and her own indepedant pony.
Later on, that spell is completed. She visually becomes Nightmare Moon and regains her lost memories but feels betrayed by everyone she once knew, as a result of behind the scenes betrayal and miscommunication. In her mind she now feels the ponies she cared for conspired to get rid of her and believes that Nightmare Moon is all she is, and ever can be from that point forward. Her desire to be NMM is fueled by the pain and betrayal. "What else can you be when the world can only see a Monster?"
Despite that, her time as Nyx is in constant flux with her true nature.
Considering her or Nightmare Moons prior plans to be stupid, and not understanding why she would do something so reckless, but at the same time she still believes she "has" to be Nightmare Moon now. Maintaining the facade infront of those who brought her to full strength.
One big difference is she has become merciful, and hates how soft she is becoming. She was brutal and effective but never did anything that was unnecessary to her plans to rule Equestria.
At the end of the fanfic, she becomes a bit of both. It's a really good read, some parts are predictable but enjoyable regardless. Part of the early fandom too.
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Dyx is technically the sun. You don't get brighter than that.

The jokes just write themselves, don't they?
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Those could wonder if it was to get to the point the fillies had to be good for twilight when those wonder if it got to the point an argument had made twilight say there is to be trouble if she has to slam on the brakes.
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