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Let me know if I'm requesting too much, and please take care of people who haven't had requests done first and all, but if poly ships are okay could I request Twilight x Fluttershy x Sunset?

As much as Iā€™m sure you were expecting the softest pet cuddles I also have to believe that all three are extremely into anti animal experimentation activism. Sci Twi as a scientist herself, Fluttershy because she cares of the animals as though they were her own, and Sunset because she definitely used to be an animal šŸ‘€šŸ¦„
safe1587369 artist:ponyretirementhome65 fluttershy199430 sci-twi22338 sunset shimmer58218 twilight sparkle284486 equestria girls181908 animal rights4 boots19417 clothes413757 female916006 jewelry51974 lesbian92493 long skirt507 necklace15537 polyamory6247 protest139 scitwishimmer2577 shipping185445 shoes30879 simple background349102 skirt35829 sunsetsparkle4725 sunshyne168 twishy1205 twishyset5 white background88310


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Wasn't entirely sure if I should put this one down as shipping, but it was requested as a ship I guess it counts Plus it's my OT3 and I want more art in their tag lol

Anyway, cute date idea: protest for animal rights together!