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I found a post with Chancellor Neighsay shipping with Tempest Shadow: >>2228878
safe1557677 edit114826 edited screencap54098 screencap195424 chancellor neighsay577 starlight glimmer43075 sunburst5687 trixie61285 earth pony191629 pony828807 unicorn258639 the ending of the end1991 bisexual4824 cropped42858 dream2378 female881862 in love202 lesbian91420 lesbian in front of boys341 looking at someone307 looking at something2229 lucky bastard1308 male299671 offscreen character28822 polyamory6040 shipping181782 smiling210865 starburst991 startrixburst55 straight120307 sunburst gets all the mares46 talking to himself15 talking to viewer2013 trio7104 trio focus38 trixburst61


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