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safe1587097 artist:tridashie79 edit119663 edited screencap57283 screencap206416 aloe2450 angel bunny9414 apple bloom46821 applejack159914 autumn blaze3413 babs seed5545 berry punch6153 berryshine6145 big macintosh26720 bon bon15461 bow hothoof932 braeburn6009 bright mac1150 burnt oak109 capper dapperpaws1454 carrot cake1965 cattail72 cheerilee9401 cheese sandwich3659 cherries jubilee150 cherry jubilee1020 clear sky382 cloudy quartz1226 coco pommel5579 coloratura2703 cranky doodle donkey926 cup cake3820 daring do6140 derpy hooves48196 diamond tiara9677 discord28945 dj pon-328094 doctor whooves10149 double diamond1563 fancypants1790 featherweight1199 flam2007 flash magnus724 flash sentry11942 flim2123 fluttershy199804 gabby2151 gallop j. fry226 gallus5980 garble1638 gentle breeze300 georgia (character)24 gilda9120 goldie delicious360 grand pear228 granny smith5050 igneous rock pie811 iron will1283 limestone pie4635 lotus blossom2607 luster dawn1099 lyra heartstrings28075 marble pie6033 matilda467 maud pie11794 mayor mare3056 meadowbrook731 mistmane672 moondancer4448 mudbriar730 night glider1273 night light2027 nurse redheart3307 ocellus4690 octavia melody22615 opalescence1997 owlowiscious1918 party favor1428 pear butter2499 pharynx885 photo finish2500 pinkie pie204457 pipsqueak2708 plaid stripes240 posey shy1084 pound cake2382 prince rutherford690 princess cadance30502 princess celestia89842 princess ember5835 princess flurry heart6389 princess luna94249 pumpkin cake2111 quibble pants1434 rainbow dash220978 rarity171158 river song (character)24 rockhoof997 roseluck4715 rumble3762 saffron masala1576 sandbar4808 sassy saddles956 scootaloo49085 shining armor21712 silver spoon6172 silverstream5447 smolder6879 snails5116 snips4033 soarin'13350 somnambula1693 spike74475 spitfire12751 star swirl the bearded1873 starlight glimmer44602 stygian694 sugar belle2779 sunburst5949 sunset shimmer57563 sweetie belle46652 sweetie drops15465 tank2606 tempest shadow15804 tender taps646 terramar674 thorax3999 thunderlane3796 time turner10146 tree hugger2613 trixie62900 trouble shoes1048 twilight sparkle283908 twilight velvet3864 twist2750 vinyl scratch28096 windy whistles1894 winona2434 yelena23 yona4563 zecora8813 zephyr breeze2092 zippoorwhill355 oc609490 oc:tridashie103 alicorn199733 breezie2043 changedling7439 changeling41327 dragon48960 pony857208 my little pony: the movie18048 season 9636 the last problem4394 spoiler:my little pony the movie63 2020238 animated92916 buttercup72 cutie mark crusaders18109 end of ponies766 everycreature42 everypony371 flim flam brothers1173 gigachad spike592 happy new year1019 happy new year 202089 holiday15685 indonesia195 indonesian66 irl63599 jakarta4 king thorax2641 mane seven5935 mane six29696 meme79015 older23425 older applejack567 older fluttershy537 older gallop j. fry26 older mane seven173 older mane six276 older pinkie pie521 older rainbow dash616 older rarity547 older spike4547 older twilight1179 perfect timing9 photo71916 prince pharynx626 princess twilight 2.01770 rara1008 series finale144 sound7293 spa twins1281 subtitles1342 text52022 the magic of friendship grows71 the ride never ends287 time99 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116262 wall of tags2535 webm10850 winged spike7426


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As of 2020, MLP G4 is now a classic like Steven Universe Original, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, ect

Those who continue (not counting the zombie series) will remain modern until the 2020s end