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Who Would You Choose To Win The Adorkable Award for 2019?
Twilight, Starlight, Moondancer, or Lily? Answer below!
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Background Pony #B7EA
No doubt Lily has been a beautiful addition with her relationship with Spike and the ongoing pressure from Starlight. She is a lovely character.

Moondancer has really stood out this year with her own morales and firm grip on things, as well as her dry sense of humor. She isn't visually apparent like others, but she is lovely.

Twilight has grown confidence and that makes me very happy. She is showing more and more leadership qualities too.

Starlight, I love her, but in some ways she has shown regression as well as growth. She has accepted things she wouldn't have in the past, but at the same time has shunned certain aspects of her character's growth…

This is very tough but I will have to say the writing and development for them all is complex and extremely well done.

I will award Moondancer the award this year because of her depth. It isn't just written, but it's shown in clever ways. She's matured quite a bit.