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Someone had to point out the ship.
safe1577319 screencap199684 fluttershy198025 night glider1260 party favor1429 rainbow dash219578 sugar belle2662 earth pony199686 pegasus240199 pony847099 unicorn266897 season 5590 the cutie map4029 before sugarmac1 cropped43946 duo focus702 looking at each other16469 offscreen character29524 shipping fuel1417


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Prince Mainesly
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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@Background Pony #F6F0
to be fair there was hardly any any kind of fuel for anything to be made of between them. people just overreact to the smallest things nowadays especially when it got into the last 3-4 seasons. good god the jumping to conclusions became a potato sack race.
Background Pony #261B
Oh so when it’s two mares looking at each other it doesn’t count as shipping fuel (e.g applejack and rainbow dash in the last problem) but when it’s between a stallion and a mare the shipping fuel is immediately there? Mmh. Seems fair…
Background Pony #7F63
Everyone always talks about how SugarMac killed MarbleMac/FlutterMac/CheeriMac. Too few remember the loss of PartyBelle.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Does this qualify for a ship? Let's see…

1) Characters know each other in the show? Check.
2) In at least one frame together? Check.
3) Eye contact? Check.
4) Both mares? [BRRRRRRRRRT]

I'm sorry, this doesn't fulfill the standard MLP Ship Criteria.
I'm just joshin don't at me bro