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Inspired by Mango Island's epic journey through MLP music, I felt compelled to compile my own list. I only went up to 20 (to make it more elite), and was amazed by how many great songs I had to leave out. Truly this show has blessed us with its soundtrack.

In my top 20, I have tried to balance the artistry of the lyrics and musical arrangement (the extent to which it's "a good song") with the impact of the song in the context of its episode/film, season, and the show itself. My list is inevitably very personal to me, and betrays my marked preference for Equestria Girls, and my addiction to sappy, gooey emotional stuff!

We count downwards. Here's songs 20-16.
safe1557908 edit114845 edited screencap54101 screencap195451 adagio dazzle11879 aria blaze9122 cheerilee9293 flam2002 flim2125 peach fuzz223 perky prep26 pinkie pie201598 sonata dusk12493 spike74283 twilight sparkle280122 dog8441 a friend in deed674 equestria girls177713 leap of faith687 rainbow rocks17396 the cart before the ponies821 abstract background11560 cheerileeder351 cheerleader2452 collage1178 derby racers14 disguise3828 disguised siren441 gem5310 list314 pronking1031 rainbow rocks song5 rooftop161 silhouette2334 siren gem1586 smile song235 spike the dog2442 the dazzlings4012 title sequence6 top 20 g4 songs4 transformed215 welcome to the show145


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