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Inspired by Mango Island's epic journey through MLP music, I felt compelled to compile my own list. I only went up to 20 (to make it more elite), and was amazed by how many great songs I had to leave out. Truly this show has blessed us with its soundtrack.

In my top 20, I have tried to balance the artistry of the lyrics and musical arrangement (the extent to which it's "a good song") with the impact of the song in the context of its episode/film, season, and the show itself. My list is inevitably very personal to me, and betrays my marked preference for Equestria Girls, and my addiction to sappy, gooey emotional stuff!

We count downwards. Here's songs 10-6.
safe1556981 edit114769 edited screencap54069 screencap195369 apple bloom46213 coloratura2661 pinkie pie201529 princess cadance30136 princess celestia89085 princess luna93192 queen chrysalis31927 rainbow dash217369 scootaloo48855 sunset shimmer56739 sweetie belle46300 a canterlot wedding2353 equestria girls177632 equestria girls series28051 flight to the finish806 spring breakdown2289 the mane attraction1100 twilight's kingdom2717 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11469 all good (song)82 canterlot castle1720 collage1179 cutie mark39639 cutie mark crusaders17538 disguise3826 disguised changeling2176 fake cadance673 hearts strong as horses12 list314 rara1002 shadow3489 singing5747 the magic inside96 this day aria133 top 20 g4 songs4 you'll play your part100


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