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Here is the first one! Rumble Bumble Bee!
I really like how she turned out and I hope you like her too. As a child she would wear yellow and black stockings since she loved bees and they're so cute to her! She really likes them because even though they're too fat and have too tiny wings to fly they still fly! They're a bit like her. She was born with wings that were far too small for her but she still flies somehow and no one really knows how she does it.
Her cutie mark means that she can get out of anything pretty much and she's quick as a bee! She used to get bullied a lot for a few things, mostly her wings and she got her cutie mark after getting into a fight with her bullies and beating them.
safe (1520433) artist:dudleybrittany1399 (9) artist:selenaede (1317) oc (583656) oc only (392512) oc:rumble bumble bee (1) pegasus (222210) pony (796949) baby (8351) baby pony (5832) base used (13382) choker (8344) clothes (389320) dress (37605) eyes closed (75415) female (846078) filly (56515) flying (32676) grin (31014) magical lesbian spawn (9346) male (288706) mare (386819) offspring (31910) parent:rainbow dash (4698) parent:spitfire (345) parents:spitdash (57) raised hoof (36390) rule 63 (24283) simple background (324302) smiling (201868) socks (53958) solo (938315) stallion (85867) striped socks (18259) white background (81228)


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