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NOTICE: These sketches are outdated and DOES NOT reflect the artist's work of today.

This is a collection of many of the sketches I did back on deviantart between the years 2011-2013. Instead of uploading them individually, I chose to make them into one image to prevent spamming the site with outdated pics.

Many of those drawings above were supposed to be digitally colored, but most of them were left to scraps.
safe1638409 artist:b-cacto345 applejack164491 bon bon15893 coco pommel5755 crackle353 derpy hooves49047 fluttershy205567 lyra heartstrings28726 octavia melody23202 pinkie pie209825 princess luna96490 queen chrysalis33670 rainbow dash226470 rarity175858 spike76618 sunset shimmer60020 sweetie drops15893 trixie64977 twilight sparkle291628 bat pony46262 equestria girls190977 asdfmovie214 bat ponified2431 batgirl236 cello2470 clothes435203 collage1294 conjoined820 cosplay27206 costume26379 crossover60008 crying41541 facial hair5418 fangs23403 flower23900 flutterbat6701 forever202 fus-ro-dah75 hoodie13085 humanized97340 looking at you156627 mario1548 moustache2834 multiple heads1579 musical instrument8843 old art373 one eye closed27933 outdated7 rabbid32 rabbids28 race swap13595 skyrim1077 supergirl172 the elder scrolls1337 tongue out97206 traditional art113496 two heads652 wet hair709 wet hairity40 wink23175


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