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safe1688220 artist:breedingbarn1 bray47 cozy glow7278 discord30660 grogar (g1)249 king sombra13699 lord tirek5215 queen chrysalis34465 donkey1832 sheep1479 g114497 abomination726 absurd resolution65776 bell4374 fusion5115 g1 to g43739 generation leap5636 grogar's bell445 headcanon2283 male366530 multiple eyes323 multiple limbs186 ram646 story in the source1929 younger17188


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Background Pony #7410
Posted 9 months ago?

Oh, so you are such a passionate opiniontor, then.

Some people still love seeing Discord as a villain…
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Passionate opinionator
That hellish abomination in the middle would be perfect to use in fan extensions for the final battle in The Ending of the End.
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