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I like these quite a lot phew

1- My precious baby Pillow~ I had decided to only call her Lovestruck but Pillow kinda stick around lol. I'm pretty sure I had intended to use that sketch for filly/younger charactter so I'm not sure if she looks young or just short lol.

2- I had been quite the while ever since I last draw my bab Paisley (more than two years lol). I drew her in some sort of giggling pose cuz it kinda fits her. I think I also intended for her to be a filly in this but anyways. Paisley got dem floof wings.

3- An old and sort new character…? She was supposed to be given away, but the person never responded, so i guess I'm keeping her?

Her name is Whirlwind (could be a placeholder name, but that's it for now). She's Spitfire and Soarin's daughter. Wind is an extraordinaire flier and is top in her class so far, not to mention she's a beauty. She has this cool and cold vibe to her, and isn't someone really approachable, she always has her unimpressed look on her face. She's beautiful and glorious as the sun, tho has eyes cold as ice, except for when she's flieng, when she has a more determined look. Wind is sort of a lone wolf.

Many students from wonderbolt academy admire and look up to her, but she's also earned the loathing of some who envy her and blaming her status at the academy for her parents being former amazing wonderbolts. The truth is that ever since Soarin and Spitfire divorced, Wind has severely drifted apart from her parents, she lives on her own ever since she became of age to and sometimes avoids interacting to spitfire at the academy. They don't have a good relationship.

Soarin and Spitfire were never really great parents, it's not like they were bad, Wind was Spitfire's pride and Soarin's little princess, but they were too busy with their career to truly care for their child, which ended up on them neglecting her daughter quite a bid. She rarely got to see them at home, spend weekends together, they also missed quite a few birthday parties. Even when she was taken to see her parents on a Wonderbolt show, they barely had the time to give her attention, so Wind's disbelief on her parents comes from way back to her childhood.

I guess deep inside Wind just got tired of being disappointed by others, by her own family, so she kinda shut herself to everyone around her, and suppresses her feelings and frustrations with a "couldn't care less" front. Whenever her parents try to make up for their mistakes she takes out on them, and rarely lets anybody in. Due to that, she's sort of earned the nickname of "Vortex" among her wonderbolt peers. She's strong and fast as a tornado/cyclone, but empty on the inside. She's a lone wolf.
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