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She's taking a break from all the crowds inside the inn to read a book in the quiet crisp snow
safe (1519948) artist:ardail (259) starlight glimmer (41441) anthro (218344) unicorn (244208) aurora borealis (392) blushing (167228) book (29176) clothes (389094) cute (166712) eye clipping through hair (3700) featured image (756) female (845302) fence (2385) glim (6) glim glam (63) glimmerbetes (3180) glimmy (36) high res (19510) jacket (9880) mare (386285) miniskirt (4466) mountain (4171) night (21383) pleated skirt (3794) profile (4815) scarf (20183) sitting (51563) skirt (34105) sky (10840) snow (12188) snowfall (4101) socks (53933) solo (937981) thigh highs (26413) visible breath (86) winter (3869) winter coat (102) zettai ryouiki (1629)


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Coffey Hors
Wow, just… wow
Never thought a pic of mine would get over 1k upvotes on here
I spent so much time, energy and drove myself into the ground working so hard on this pic
Feels a lot better knowing people enjoy it ;w;
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I've always wanted to see an aurora borealis myself, but I wouldn't handle the cold at all. Also, I love her ear muffs. <3