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safe1554945 artist:andoanimalia526 applejack157207 fluttershy195715 pinkie pie201334 rainbow dash217155 rarity167868 spike74196 twilight sparkle279720 alicorn190816 dragon46561 earth pony190278 pegasus232249 pony826113 unicorn257146 the last problem3956 absurd resolution63667 buff spike8 gigachad spike731 jewelry48981 looking at you140424 mane seven5848 mane six28954 older22529 older applejack500 older fluttershy482 older mane seven156 older mane six251 older pinkie pie472 older rainbow dash560 older rarity487 older spike4594 older twilight1066 princess twilight 2.01498 rainbow background136 regalia15686 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113679 winged spike7005


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