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Alternate Future Rainbow Feather #4- Princess Aligriffon!

A very low-probability timeline, due to her part-pony DNA Rainbow Feather does technically have the ability to ‘earn her horn’ ala a Pegasus, given the right super magic-rich environment and circumstances!

>>2243904 for follow-up
safe1552074 artist:feellikeaplat99 artist:rainbowfeatherreplies5 oc591929 oc:rainbow feather335 alicorn190339 griffon24360 crown13419 grifficorn11 horn40156 interspecies offspring6172 jewelry48791 magical lesbian spawn10256 multicolored hair4325 offspring33368 parent:gilda618 parent:rainbow dash4853 parents:gildash368 princess2029 rainbow hair1742 regalia15626 solo957629 what if123


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Background Pony #E7B3
This is my silly headcanon on why only hooved races like ponies and deer have a separate “alicorn” form (we've seen Rainbow Feather using actual magic with a wand before, right?). I like the idea of griffon princesses, but don't think that would produce any significant changes in phenotype.

@Background Pony #373F

This is just a 'unlikely what if,' but in my view any pony technically has the capacity to become an alicorn, and thus a part-pony can too, it's just harder. I imagine some extreme adventure in maybe Discord's realm or something- a place so rich in magic it becomes easier- is responsible for her crossing the threshold and earning a horn.
Background Pony #AA48
Okay, I get it's an offspring of Rainbow and Gilda, but how did it gain alicorn statue?