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I present… a meme… or something passable, IDK.
safe1555761 edit114642 edited screencap54005 screencap195252 sound edit204 aloe2401 angel bunny9325 apple bloom46193 applejack157278 autumn blaze3197 babs seed5617 berry punch6058 berryshine6049 big macintosh26668 bon bon15477 bow hothoof887 braeburn6083 bright mac1109 burnt oak105 capper dapperpaws1430 carrot cake2014 cheerilee9279 cheese sandwich3578 cherries jubilee143 cherry jubilee1005 clear sky364 cloudy quartz1194 coco pommel5420 coloratura2659 cranky doodle donkey906 cup cake3715 daring do5981 derpy hooves47922 diamond tiara9583 discord28432 dj pon-327907 doctor whooves9991 double diamond1545 fancypants1757 featherweight1202 flam2000 flash magnus701 flash sentry11968 flim2124 fluttershy195814 gabby2124 gallop j. fry214 gallus5626 garble1596 gentle breeze282 georgia (character)23 gilda9033 goldie delicious355 grand pear218 granny smith4949 igneous rock pie808 iron will1292 limestone pie4662 lotus blossom2550 luster dawn858 lyra heartstrings27491 marble pie6053 matilda454 maud pie11781 mayor mare3031 meadowbrook722 mistmane646 moondancer4349 mudbriar710 night glider1233 night light1948 nurse redheart3237 ocellus4387 octavia melody22075 opalescence1950 owlowiscious1891 party favor1418 pear butter2347 pharynx853 photo finish2499 pinkie pie201423 pipsqueak2691 plaid stripes255 posey shy993 pound cake2349 prince rutherford674 princess cadance30124 princess celestia89040 princess ember5709 princess flurry heart6142 princess luna93135 pumpkin cake2131 quibble pants1422 rainbow dash217243 rarity167969 river song (character)22 rockhoof965 roseluck4618 rumble3771 saffron masala1561 sandbar4543 sassy saddles923 scootaloo48824 shining armor21552 silver spoon6176 silverstream5157 smolder6422 snails5122 snips3980 soarin'13256 somnambula1629 spike74218 spitfire12691 star swirl the bearded1854 starlight glimmer42998 stygian671 sugar belle2622 sunburst5668 sunset shimmer56678 sweetie belle46284 sweetie drops15477 tank2559 tempest shadow15104 tender taps651 terramar648 thorax3945 thunderlane3787 time turner9976 tree hugger2634 trixie61157 trouble shoes1047 twilight sparkle279857 twilight velvet3757 twist2775 vinyl scratch32003 windy whistles1808 winona2418 yelena22 yona4357 zecora8686 zephyr breeze2067 zippoorwhill364 alicorn191054 breezie2020 changedling7111 changeling39078 dragon46608 pony826923 season 9594 the last problem3980 2020226 animated91017 buttercup72 cutie mark crusaders17533 end of ponies742 everycreature41 everypony358 flim flam brothers1171 gigachad spike731 king thorax2559 mane seven5851 mane six29014 meme77932 neon genesis evangelion354 older22555 older applejack502 older fluttershy483 older gallop j. fry26 older mane seven157 older mane six252 older pinkie pie474 older rainbow dash562 older rarity491 older spike4595 older twilight1072 photo70238 prince pharynx605 princess twilight 2.01510 rara1001 rebuild of evangelion22 rebuild of evangelion 2.0 - you can (not) advance1 series finale144 sound6472 spa twins1244 the end200 the magic of friendship grows64 the ride never ends285 tsubasa wo kudasai1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113766 wall of tags2243 webm9696 winged spike7004


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