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"Well met. I am Mulberry Telltale." She says with a little curtsy.

"Ah, Mulberry… " the gryphon says, frowning a little. "Antione's fiance? He's been giving us quite a bit of trouble recently. Please excuse me for saying, but I do believe he's gone quite mad."

Mulberry tears up slightly again, and says, "I know… In fact that's something I wanted to speak about. When I came into town I went to his flat first, and while I was there he tried to shoot me!"

"Did he now?" the mayor says with a look of shock. "Well, that explains why the city guard saw him walking around with a gun earlier…"

"Oh, he was seen in that state? What happened to him? H-he isn't… You didn't… " Mulberry says worried and trying not to assume the worst.

"No, no, nothing like that." the gryphon says, putting up a claw. "Once again, not to insult the poor stallion, but he is neither particularly strong nor a good shot. The guards subdued him and put him in a cell in the east side of the building."

"You mean where you daughter is?" Mulberry asks probingly. "I do apologize for wandering around, but there doesn't seem to be much staff in this building, and she directed me to you."

He shakes his head and says, "Ah yes, my poor girl…Hopefully one day River will regain herself. Maybe if we can get your fiance to drop the fog wall I can get her some real help for her."

"Wait, what does Antione have to do with the wall?" Mulberry asks.

"We believe it is his doing somehow." The mayor says. "I hate to ask this of you considering what just happened but… Could you perhaps speak to him? Maybe you can convince him to remove the barrier.

Mulberry doesn't think she has much of a chance, but follows the mayor to the padded cell that River Breeze does not inhabit.

Antione is indeed there, and alive. He's turned away from the door, but the mare can see him breathing softly.

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