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Artist Description:

Commissioned by petoflatex petoflatex

You can count on me to upload a christmas drawing three weeks after christmas. :)

Starting next month I'm going to start putting my time towards the Majora's Mask comic again. So if you enjoy those, you should follow my patreon because I will be posting work-in-progress stuff over there. :)
suggestive139429 artist:nxzc88371 oc665442 oc:ocean shores33 oc:pyrisa miracles132 deer5380 pony938318 reindeer1891 unicorn310813 air nozzle101 animal costume1959 bell4330 bell collar2241 bellows56 bells377 blush sticker2401 blushing192463 christmas13939 christmas stocking665 christmas tree4129 clothes448500 collar32150 comic107012 costume26923 crotch bulge4225 female to male173 fire11170 fireplace2716 forced smile293 grin37036 holiday19910 inanimate tf1526 inflatable1693 inflating95 inflation9165 latex11432 levitation11807 magic71725 magic aura3855 nudity361327 one eye closed29427 onomatopoeia3995 poof180 reindeer costume152 rule 6326345 smiling240174 squeak196 stockings31753 telekinesis27039 thigh highs34911 transformation10438 transgender transformation1628 tree31342 wink24043


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