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it's not time to smash
suggestive (122207) artist:shinodage (1076) button mash (3687) oc (572710) oc:apogee (745) earth pony (179138) pegasus (221055) pony (796411) asking for it (193) body freckles (762) buttongee (15) canon x oc (20816) colt (12762) controller (1881) dialogue (56514) ear freckles (289) female (846048) filly (56606) freckles (23699) hoof hold (6859) hug (24325) hug from behind (374) implied foalcon (1424) lemme smash (100) male (288028) no way fag (9) priorities (19) propositioning (72) shipping (176805) shipping denied (814) sitting (51693) straight (117190) teenager (3905) thirsty (51) underhoof (44966)


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92 comments posted
Background Pony #A404
Pretty much this exact thing happened to me once. Thankfully for me the gf didn't leave it there. She just "sat" on me while i was playing and even my stupid ass had enough sense to abandon the game at that point. Don't let those moments pass you by folks, cause you'll remember them fondly decades later.
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A waste of biomatter
"Really? Sweetie belle? But what about the time your mom and mine did that…Thing with you."
"w-Well That doesn't make her my Marefirend!"
"I guess that's true. After all I can't say my dad is my Boyfriend just because we snuggle smash a bit every now and then."
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A waste of biomatter
@Darth Sonic
Perhaps that's true of most colts but Buttons special talent is gaming,wheather that means he has the fortitude to resist female temptation or can preserver in his gaming despite active female intimacy is up for debate.