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A fun little piece. We can call this a bit of a gift of sorts to Fetish Sketches :3

Cute boy pone's with cute boy pone feet. :3

Hope you all enjoy it! :D
suggestive135117 artist:caroo710 gallus6339 sandbar5176 terramar711 classical hippogriff4701 earth pony223635 griffon25569 hippogriff8991 anthro245382 plantigrade anthro29887 blushing186261 clothes435048 cute189443 dialogue61975 feet37467 female pov713 fetish37493 foal15086 foot fetish7268 foot focus2481 gallabetes829 grin35525 looking at you156582 male350673 male feet833 males only3734 offscreen character31956 open mouth133217 partial nudity18974 pov13267 sandabetes676 smiling229916 soles3981 terrabetes45 toe ring555 toes5928 topless11907 trio7955 trio male29 wiggling toes290


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Background Pony #1D2B
Gallus, Sandbar, And Terramar Are Such Playful, Teasing Goofballs.😆🤩💚🤟🤘✌👍
Background Pony #0692
version with the girls when? because I'm pretty sure Ocellus is the only one who hasn't been majorly Caroo-ified yet
Background Pony #8649
Sandbar is too cute! Will you do one of him getting ticked by his female friends?
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Oh gosh, this is so nice! They are all so cute and pretty and adorable and just precious. Sandbor most of all, looks so innocent and pure displaying his soles like that (he's blushy too, what a qt)~ And I love the toe rings on both of his feetsies, so hot uwu. He also looks great in all sorts of sandals so I wonder what kind of "special" ones he's going to try on :3c

The outfits fit them all very well, again Sandbor's is my favorite butt shirtless Terra in tight pink pants is also very handsome. His pretty necklace is a nice extra detail. And all of their expressions are fun, blushy boiqts. I need all of their feets on my face btw

So thanks a lot for this wonderful gift. I'm very glad my work has inspired you to draw these three bois, they deserve so much love and attention!

@Background Pony #B9B4

Yus, I totally agree with both.
Background Pony #780D
you know, for once, I'm not sure what's cuter, their smiles, or their feet, either way, I'm finally happy to see some nice feet art of my 3 favorite boys, along with Fetish Sketches' art piece
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Background Pony #B288
I'd love to give these three hottie boys a hug then rub their cute feet ❤️
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Background Pony #0D98
Those 3 better not go showing off those feet’s all over the place or they might get mob by a huge group of girls looking to tickling them to death😏
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