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Oh look, old pone stuff now. This time a bunch of villains with heroes as their minions. First we get Celestia and Rainbow Dash as changelings!
suggestive (122086) artist:mccrazy (45) princess celestia (87519) queen chrysalis (31259) rainbow dash (213626) anthro (218611) changeling (37348) changeling queen (10285) unguligrade anthro (40868) antagonist (1263) arm behind back (4501) arm behind head (1996) bad end (1907) big breasts (63687) bimbo (3729) brainwashed (150) breasts (225152) busty princess celestia (8479) busty queen chrysalis (2949) busty rainbow dash (6553) changelingified (1155) clothes (386897) corrupted (2305) curvy (5429) dress (37603) featureless breasts (2097) featureless crotch (5808) female (845215) females only (10318) hourglass figure (1233) huge breasts (29470) lidded eyes (22808) lipstick (8982) looking at you (134639) mind control (2875) minion (43) part of a set (8607) smiling (201903) species swap (17380) thighs (6852) thunder thighs (5892) transformed (211) trio (6706) trio female (819) villainess (103)


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In Treue fest
Oh my! The Queen and her new subjects are just stunning! I'm sure Dash and the former princess will serve their queen well.
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Little do pony folks know that there can be more then one changeling queen at a time. But amongst those there can only be one so called prime queen! Chrysalis became one after successfully turning Rainbow Dash and Princess Celestia into changelings. Now Queen Chrysdalis has more time to rule her subjects and enjoy the perks of a queen, while her lower queens can take care of inferior tasks. Like laying eggs and raising their children.