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Watched Flutter Brutter for the first time recently, made some draws!

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safe (1502177) artist:dilarus (1816) fluttershy (191287) rainbow dash (211656) zephyr breeze (1954) pegasus (212961) pony (779291) flutter brutter (1036) beanbrows (480) book (28708) comic (95504) dialogue (54917) eyebrows (2084) female (826388) five o'clock shadow (5) fluttershy is not amused (227) male (282060) mare (375144) monochrome (140043) simple background (316359) size difference (11606) smoldash (256) stallion (82757) tallershy (124) this will end in pain (1563) traditional art (103488) unamused (12314) vulgar (18715) white background (79076)


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Steel/Lonely type
It's a swear-word in-universe, if Dash's shock expression and the mare covering a child's ears are any indication. Still love how Flutters is the only character to "swear" on screen.
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