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You knew an ALT pic was coming involving ticklish torments :3

And rubbing as well! :D

Fun times! <3 I hope you all enjoy the alt!
suggestive135119 alternate version40022 artist:caroo710 applejack164465 gallus6339 sandbar5176 terramar711 classical hippogriff4701 earth pony223636 griffon25569 hippogriff8991 anthro245384 plantigrade anthro29888 begging927 blushing186261 bondage31997 clothes435052 comb588 crying41533 cute189443 dialogue61975 feet37468 female pov713 fetish37493 foot fetish7268 foot focus2481 fork844 gallabetes829 hand8265 implied applejack625 implied starlight glimmer408 implied twilight sparkle1745 laughing7516 looking at you156583 magic69673 male350674 male feet833 males only3734 offscreen character31956 open mouth133217 paintbrush1549 partial nudity18974 pov13267 rope10876 sandabetes676 smiling229917 soles3981 sparkles4102 sweat24697 tears of laughter768 telekinesis26196 terrabetes45 tickle fetish1623 tickle torture2279 tickling4443 toe tied465 toes5928 topless11907 trio7955 trio male29 wall of tags2804 wide eyes16521


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Love Terramar being here! You should do one where Gabby Griffin and autumn blaze tickle him.
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Kinky Ponies Everywhere

:3 she brought the toe rings just for him..they may or may not be enchanted to make every stroke and rub feel…very nice. <3
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