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I guess there was this one I never posted. Just gonna leave in the dumb dialogue
Reposting cause twitter compression. Forgot to post it here myself when I posted it on twitter.
safe1946805 artist:graphene346 rainbow dash257238 pegasus395363 pony1296622 semi-anthro18761 adorasexy11227 bipedal43136 chel31 clothes549928 cute232135 dashabetes10809 dialogue78685 female1579932 fourth wall2350 meta17498 rainbow dash always dresses in style1847 sexy36744 solo1246518 stupid sexy rainbow dash4040 the road to el dorado79


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I usually use deviantart for more complete pics instead of these smaller doodles. Regardless I forgot to upload this to derpi myself when I put it on twitter. I usually post everything myself these days here. Uploaded my uncompressed png so they should merge.
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C++ Crazed
Cute image but just looking at it made me somewhat annoyed with how much of a travesty artists uploading to Twitter only is (I know they upload to other sites but often people will not be consistent with it due to the allure of just posting things on social media). This thing looks like it went through the washing machine twice due to the crappy Twitter jpeg compression. Please stop uploading solely to Twitter people, it’s not a site for art.
Background Pony #5205
Oh Dashie, you know that nobody can resist you~ Especially not in that nice outfit <3