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#MLP This morning I woke up and finally felt I'd beaten the cold that's been with me all week. I also had a dream of #Anthro #PrincessLuna showing up in nurse outfit to check on me.

Tomorrow night 1/18/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll streaming on https://t.co/y0s458zKS7 https://t.co/VMI6veZNFs
safe (1503993) artist:baron engel (1615) princess luna (90933) alicorn (179802) anthro (214403) unguligrade anthro (39983) breasts (220824) busty princess luna (5718) cleavage (28986) clothes (382813) digital art (8800) female (828231) garters (2297) grayscale (32622) mare (376239) monochrome (140192) nurse (1951) nurse outfit (618) pencil drawing (6970) sketch (55888) smiling (197927) solo (926494) stethoscope (313) stockings (26949) thigh highs (25851) traditional art (103644)


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Background Pony #F3DF
Stockings + unguligrade anthro legs. I think I like this combination.
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