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A gift for my ship (XD) petanoprime of his OC Electric Sketch. I vectored over one of his sketches that he drew and added a bit of shading. I tried a new shading style, so what do y'all think?


safe (1504446) artist:petanoprime (130) artist:vinylbecks (41) color edit (6632) edit (108357) oc (568335) oc only (386733) oc:electric sketch (18) anthro (214574) pegasus (213929) unguligrade anthro (40015) chest fluff (29022) clothes (382976) colored (16458) female (828590) freckles (23030) grin (30335) latex shorts (8) lying down (8760) signature (16638) skirt (33622) smiling (197988) text (45048)


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