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>>2248913 in gif form to better simulate the booping experience
safe (1501323) artist:buttersprinkle (270) moondancer (4067) rainbow dash (211574) twilight sparkle (272071) alicorn (179111) pegasus (212625) pony (778490) unicorn (233390) adorkable (2768) animated (88136) boop (6501) chest fluff (28875) clothes (381693) cute (162917) dancerbetes (307) dashabetes (7333) dork (2961) female (825406) floppy ears (43797) gif (26213) glasses (50588) hand (7279) hooves together (299) mare (374669) nerd (725) offscreen character (26715) offscreen human (146) rainbow dash is not amused (347) sitting (50242) text (44842) twiabetes (9236) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (108788) unamused (12303)


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I've seen one animation, CGI, where Twilight Sparkle was depicted being booped, and not welcoming it as much. I watched the complete version on YouTube. My guess is she's grown to appreciate it now.

On the subject of Rainbow Dash, I'm guessing she didn't expect to be in a line for booping nerds. I wonder what she thought the line was for.

Moondancer's evidently looking forward to her experience.
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