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explicit (300030) artist:nomlake (93) oc (569095) oc only (387214) earth pony (174068) fallout equestria (14506) an egg being attacked by sperm (1424) anal (23915) armpits (38978) balls (62111) belly button (63055) belt (4036) bondage (28414) clothes (383444) cowgirl position (5700) crossdressing (8126) cum (68613) cum on balls (314) cumming (17376) delusional (14) dress (37180) drool (21284) dubious consent (826) egg cell (1338) erection (9818) female (830067) gay (24012) grayscale (32649) impregnation (2274) jewelry (44383) leaking cum (602) makeup (15842) male (283139) monochrome (140331) necklace (13566) nudity (314165) open mouth (113523) pearl necklace (829) penetration (45131) penis (129621) raider (688) sex (100591) simple background (317582) spermatozoon (1343) straight (115733) sweat (21252) taint (4544) thought bubble (2743) vaginal (31739) vulva (104543) white background (79395)


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I Made An Account Just To Follow Nomlake

What It Says On The Tin
I'm honestly a fan of this character (and all of Nom's art, obviously). There's something kind of adorable about what's going on, in a fucked up, terrifying to be on the receiving end of this crazy kind of way. Though to be fair, that allure is true of most of Nom's raider pics. The sheer concentration of dominant, predatory, and Don't Stick Your Dick In Crazy (But Fuck I Want To!) is incredible.

As usual, fantastic work on the musculature, especially on the upper torso area! Loving how your anatomy works, but the lack of neck strikes me as kind of off. I'm not an artist, though, so this is layman's feedback! Another cool touch is how you differentiated the "grittiness" between fiction and reality. The mare is soft and more in line with the show's marshmallow ponies; her teeth are flat and she looks warm and inviting, and her hooves look much smoother. This contrasts AMAZINGLY with the reality on the right, which is all sharp teeth, hard muscle, and a body worn and tempered by the wasteland. Just look at those cracked, rough hooves, and that hard, developed muscle!

It's always neat how you get CHARACTER into your characters. I'm looking forward to what you do next! Goddamn, Nom, this is a good one. I'm more a fan of the fem, but you still manage to draw me in. 10/10
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A Clever Message
Aw, that's just kind of sad. Still a cute dude that might make a cute girl, despite the unsolicited buggery.
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Wallet After Summer Sale -

Ah, so when he rapes these guys' asses his mind sees it as if he was the one taking dick. This OC's mental issues always weird and irk me out, but that's still interesting to see…
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