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safe1635938 artist:jargon scott2216 gallus6324 smolder7351 yona4816 dragon51922 griffon25520 yak4320 ball3000 bow26435 cloven hooves9348 dialogue61821 feather5547 female1302070 football1496 gallabuse83 hair bow14431 hoof hold7815 knock out294 male350001 monkey swings1269 monochrome145903 simple background369516 sports3218 white background91649


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I once saw a pigeon standing on the sidewalk next to a bus. As the bus started to pull away, the pigeon hopped down directly in front of one of the tires. I never thought I'd see a suicidal pigeon, but there we are.
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Go fsck yourself
I like to think Gallus is as dumb as the robins here in Michigan: they deliberately fly out in front of your vehicle while you're doing highway speeds, and BAM! → ded birb.
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I don't know if he's supposed to be knocked out cold or just straight up dead, but I think both interpretations are funny.