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safe (1522287) artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen (765) rainbow dash (213759) oc (572951) oc:aerospace (1) oc:coccinella (3) oc:stratosphere (21) changedling (6798) changeling (37400) pegasus (221159) pony (796859) :t (3644) alternate hairstyle (22948) angry (22690) changeling oc (6143) clothes (387398) cross-popping veins (1239) drill sergeant (79) ear fluff (21166) ear piercing (19659) female (846371) floppy ears (44740) ladybug changeling (10) lidded eyes (22858) looking at each other (14859) male (288138) mare (386913) next generation (5739) nose bandaid (6) offspring (31975) older (21535) older rainbow dash (507) open mouth (115888) parent:sky stinger (75) parent:soarin' (2067) parent:spitfire (345) parent:vapor trail (103) parents:soarinfire (115) parents:vaporsky (56) pegasus oc (3275) piercing (32227) sergeant (41) stallion (86071) sunglasses (12383) uniform (8564) whistle (1057) whistle necklace (360) wonderbolt trainee uniform (1113) wonderbolts dress uniform (353) yelling (2672)


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Frustration in Excelsis
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Alternate source, and relevant description from there:
Somepony messed up big time. And some other spent way to much time with former Captain Spitfire.

Featuring changeling Nella (about her here: www.deviantart.com/inuhoshi-to…) and two next gen teens.

Yellow boy getting an earful is Aerospace, son of Spitfire and Soarin (Spitfire gave full permission for Dash to be as hard on the boy as she needs to be) and green girl, whose totally not enjoying the moment and is at fault why Aero is in trouble is Stratosphere, daughter of Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail.

More on the two later~

Oh and pink one is just a random pone, who seen this old song and dance before.
Background Pony #8DDB
Rainbow dash : Listen, I get it, newbie. I used to be like you. But then you end up in a full body-wing-and-hoof cast, DRINKING THROUGH A STRAW!!!