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Edited a couple vectors of Twilight and more together to celebrate the San Francisco 49ers making it to Super Bowl LIV (and to offer my support, as IDC for the Chiefs). I claim NO ownership of any art used. I simply edited them slightly for fun.

(art created using vectors below, as well as the 49ers logo and my own original additions)

1. Twilight vector —
2. Football taken from —
3. Hat taken from —
4. Jersey, hoofbands, eye paint added by myself
5. San Francisco 49ers logo belongs to them
safe (1505583) twilight sparkle (272947) alicorn (180139) pony (782395) american football (636) backwards ballcap (667) baseball cap (1581) cap (3348) clothes (383442) eye paint (1) football (1388) grin (30379) hat (70936) hoofband (34) jersey (436) nfl (371) princess (1985) san francisco (40) san francisco 49ers (26) simple background (317580) smiling (198262) solo (927580) sports (2597) super bowl (199) super bowl liv (6) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (109348) white background (79394)


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Background Pony #55DA
Congrats on winning the NFC Championship. Too bad though, since this is the end for you. Sunset Satan and her chiefs will win the super bowl.
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