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suggestive130619 artist:xjenn9415 princess celestia90371 princess luna94711 anthro235856 armpits41514 blushing179427 bra14481 breasts248604 busty princess celestia9441 busty princess luna6308 chest fluff33347 cleavage fluff666 clothes418553 dialogue60063 duo51461 duo female8093 female1270546 frilly underwear4131 naked towel130 one eye closed26467 panties46595 pink underwear3778 royal sisters4000 shower3066 towel3404 underwear56160 undressing4819


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Humanized Artist
"It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it? Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of some cosmic coincidence, or is there really a God watching everything? You know, with a plan for us and stuff. I don't know, man, but it keeps me up at night."
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

C: "I thought the royal bathing chamber was meant for both of us…"
L: "Well…yes…but can't we get a bit of privacy?"
C: "Okay, okay…sorry…I'm just exhausted and want a bath in peace"
L: "Oh…we could be of some assistance…"