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its dangerous to go alone, take this!
safe (1504683) artist:t72b (366) derpibooru exclusive (22396) derpy hooves (47052) human (137615) pegasus (214036) pony (781541) :p (6425) behaving like a cat (1745) cute (163572) cuteness overload (106) derpabetes (1867) disembodied hand (2294) female (828808) hand (7297) holding a pony (2364) if i fits i sits (63) looking at you (131832) mare (376550) mlem (674) pony in a bag (10) silly (6732) solo focus (14075) t72b is trying to murder us (1) tongue out (82952) weapons-grade cute (2929)


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Background Pony #B78C
I got a bag of Derp I got a bag of Derp I got a bag of Derp
And she's cute and cuddly